Olympics: London 2012

Olympic RingsThis summer saw one of the most amazing spectacles on earth come to London. Yes – the moment I had been waiting for my whole life finally arrived.

I am a huge athletics fan and love the Olympics. I have been backing the bid for years, celebrated wildly when London won the bid, danced in the streets and as the touch whizzed past and joined in the fun when the Olympics came to town.

I only had three concerns around the Olympics coming to London, security, transport and how to get tickets. Luckily for me all three concerns did not become reality.

I was lucky enough to visit the Olympic park on four occasions, for basketball, two athletic sessions, handball and a full day of Paralympics including basketball and goal ball. This means I also got to experience three of the venues in the park.

Olympic Park entranceThis really had to be one of the best months in the history of London. I knew the English could pull it off and we did it in style, even the weather mostly held out. Everything about the park ran smoothly, from getting there using transport included in the cost of the event ticket (the Javelin train to Kings Cross is amazing!) to getting through security in no-time at all, to finding your way round a well designed park (loved the water fountains everywhere to fill up your own drinks bottles and the spotless toilets!), it all was just so smooth and well planned.

Olympic montageAnd of course the sport didn’t let us down, with the Brits holding their own against the Jamaicans and Americans. My only regrets were not to have been successful in my bid for even more tickets and that I didn’t jump on the Paralympic tickets, they were such good value and I just didn’t count on how exciting they would be.

Olympic MedalsAugust 2012 has never been a better time to be a Londoner. Simply Fabulous.

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