Recipe: Lilo Loves making a meal out of it

With winter closing in and being unbelievably busy, sometimes a girl just needs some comfort food. So what’s the best thing to eat that helps to warm up you up while you veg out in front of the telly? Why an omelette of course!

One of my favourite comfort foods is omelette so the other night I rummaged in the fridge and was so happy to find that I had some of my favourite Happy Eggs left. Also, I had recently been given a stick of Colomba Salvo garlic salami and was keen for an excuse to try it.

Omelette ingredients
Omelette ingredients at the ready
  • Two happy eggs
  • Pepper to taste
  • Lots of sliced garlic salami
  • Lots of medium cheddar cheese

Hey presto, with a little cheat of some oven chips, I was in comfort food heaven.

All photography taken with my iphone5, imagery belongs to Lilo Loves.

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