For the love of Borough Market

A few weeks ago I visited Borough Market on what seems to have been the last autumnal day of the year. It had rained all week but lady luck was raining down on us as Saturday was a beautiful sunny, crisp day – perfect for mooching around the market.

Flowers and Vegetables at Borough Market

As we entered the market we were greeted by an array of autumn flowers, vegetables and a gorgeous selection of mushrooms, unfortunately they were not on my shopping list so I had to resist. Pumpkins were also everywhere with shoppers loading up their hessian bags, I wonder how many were going to be turned into something delicious and how many were going to be wasted on Halloween carving?

Pumpkins at Borough Market

My friend and I picked up some delicious Kent strawberries and then headed straight over to the West Country Preserving Company, I had to restock my supplies of Mango and Ginger chutney and my friend picked up a selection of chutneys and horseradish.

West Country Preserving Company

Our next move was straight over to the Burnt Sugar fudge pitch. They always have lots to taste and you have to fight your way through the crowds to get to the pitch. I always opt for pick and mixing my own selection, sea salt, classic and chocolate are always favourite. I also tried the chilli flavour, which tasted classic until the chilli after taste kicked in…this flavour didn’t make it into my bag.

Burnt Sugar Fudge

Onward bound we spent some time tasting a selection of cheeses and salami’s. I opted for some parmesan that was soooo smooth, while my friend opted for some salami.

Cheese at Borough Market

Visiting Roast to Go is now a tradition for me while visiting Borough, as usual, the queue was round the corner but moving fast. My friend and I got the pork belly with apple sauce – delicious! And of course we washed it down with a bottle of prosecco, an enjoyable day all round.

Roast and Prosecco

All photography taken with my iphone5, imagery belongs to Lilo Loves.

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