The Tea House, Covent Garden

The Tea House, Covent Garden

I decided to pay a long overdue visit to The Tea House, Covent Garden. Situated on Neal Street in Central London, The Tea House is a destination spot for all tea lovers. I find that shopping in the evening is always that little bit more relaxing, with plenty of time to check out as many teas as possible, not forgetting their amazing range of tea pots.

I was there to purchase gifts for a couple of friends, so after much deliberation and of course, smelling the delicious teas I settled on what I think is a really nice selection for both friends, including some exquisite  flowering tea.

  • Assam Leaf. Black tea from India
  • White Monkey. Green tea from China. A delicate green tea with some white down from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province
  • Mu-Dan Tea Roses. Green tea from China. Tea leaves tied in a peony rosette
  • China White Blossom. Green tea from China. Green tea with Jasmine blossoms

Tea Selection

All photography taken with my iphone5, imagery belongs to Lilo Loves.

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