Private Viewing: Victoria and Albert Museum

I was recently lucky enough to attend a private viewing of the Hollywood Costume exhibition at my favourite museum, the Victoria and Albert.

The evening kicked off at 6.30pm with lucky attendees treated to movie star treatment with champagne and popcorn in the foyer. The atmosphere was buzzing with everyone mingling and looking forward to seeing the fabulous costumes of our favourite movies.

Victoria and Albert Museum
Enjoying the spectacular foyer at the Victoria and Albert museum

We were also granted access to several of the other exhibitions and the gift shop. My group decided to make our way to BALLGOWNS British Glamour Since 1950 as this closes on 6 January so we were keen to make the most of this exclusive access. The exhibition is spread over two floors and shows some of the most exquisite ballgowns that have featured at everything from red carpet events to state occasions. If you can make it down to the V&A before the 6 January this is a must.

BALLGOWNS British Glamour Since 1950, Victoria and Albert Museum
BALLGOWNS British Glamour Since 1950

We then made our way down to Hollywood Costume, unfortunately no photography was allowed and security were everywhere, so I have no photographs for you. I can only recommend that you head on down there for a viewing, the exhibition runs until 27 January. Think of any major Hollywood movie from 1912 to 2012 and the costume is probably there, from Film Noir to Raging Bull. This exhibition really is a highlight for anyone movie lover. Personal highlights for me were Judy Garlard’s ‘Wizard of Oz’, Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Some Like it Hot’ and Audrey Hepburn’s ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’.

We were also treated to 20% off in the gift shop so enjoyed some time browsing both shops and after trying on various costume accessories like Indiana Jones’ hat and Batman’s mask we snapped up some great Christmas presents.

After some more mingling we made our way to the final exhibition of the night, Light from the Middle East: New Photography, running until 7 April this a small but beautiful exhibition, and I have to say, it’s yet another one you should try to see. Again, security was in full effect so I was unable to sneak some shots. The exhibition features the work of artists across the Middle East, from North Africa to Central Asia. One of my highlights was the work ‘Pomegranate’ by Tal Shochat.

I hadn’t been to the V&A in quite some time and I was so glad that I made the trek down there on a rainy Monday evening, it was the perfect start to my week.


All photography taken with my iphone5, imagery belongs to Lilo Loves.

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