Lilo loves Ching He Huang Chinese cookware at Dunelm Mill

Ching He Huang Chinese cookware

Dunelm Mill is fast becoming one of my guilty pleasures. There is so much in this shop and I must confess, some of it isn’t to my taste but my favourite department has to be their cookware section. They literally have everything you could think of and so many good kitchen gadgets!

Another of my small pleasures in life is Ching He Huang, I love her shows and she really does make Chinese cooking look easy, I would like to see more of her on our TV screens. You can see her selection of books here.

You can imagine my excitement when browsing Dunelm Mill in Enfield I came across a selection of Ching He Huang cookware. It is not a huge range and consists of different size woks, soy sauce pots, a tea pot, steamer, some sushi ware, noodle bowls and spoons.

Of course I wanted to buy the lot but had actually gone to Dunelm to purchase cushions so had to limit my kitchen ware purchases. I snapped up two boxes of the spoons as at £5.99 for a pack of four, they were a good bargain and I have wanted some for ages. I then realised the noodle bowls were on sale down from £6.99 to  £3.49. I fell in love with this brightly coloured bowls which match the spoons perfectly so snapped them up.

Now if I can only learn to cook as well as Ching He Haung I’ll be happy. In the mean time I will have to stick with my quick and easy stir fry noodles.


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