Lichtenstein: A Retrospective at the Tate Modern



I grew up with a Lichtenstein print in the hallway, but had never taken the time to see more of his work. A fellow culture vulture has membership at the Tate Modern on London’s bankside and she was kind enough to invite me along to a viewing.

After a stroll along the river in gorgeous sunshine we headed into the Tate and happily made our way past the incredibly long queue for tickets, straight in to the exhibition. Hooray, for the annual pass.

I was pleasantly surprised that for a Saturday afternoon, the exhibition was not too overcrowded and we were able to take our time discussing the art as we went.

It was fascinating to see how Lichtenstein created his trademark style, it was interesting as I found his style and method incredibly functional. It is a great body of work, but there seems to be little feeling, or as my friend said, little emotion or growth displayed.

Highlights for me were the War and Romance room, including the famous Whaam! and the Modern room which included huge brass sculptures based on New York City, art deco architecture of the 1930s. My favourite and room was the Chinese Landscapes. I love Chinese art and just when I felt that Lichtenstein’s work was very similar I was surprised by the break in his uniform style. My only disappointment was that none of these pieces were available as prints in the gift shop…so off to Easyart I go.

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