Book Review: Pereira Maintains by Antonio Tabucchi

Pereira Maintains


I love having books recommended to me. One of my fellow bookworm friends recently recommended Pereira Maintains. I haven’t read Antonio Tabucchi and it is always exciting to discover a new author.

Pereira Maintains is a small but beautifully written book. Based in Portugal in 1938 the story focuses on Dr Pereira, a lonely culture editor who befriends a young couple which leads him to struggle with his own conscious and position in a country in the shadow of fascist Spain.

Tabucchi really conjures up the spirit of 1938 Portugal, the heat, the culture, the people. His writing is smooth with great feeling. The themes of love, corruption and courage playout wonderfully. Tabucchi writes with an unusual clarity and calmness for such a challenging theme.

Would I recommended Pereira Maintains? Most definitely. Now where can I find cheap flights to Portugal?


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